NCR CounterPoint Ecommerce Integration w/ Magento

 NCR CounterPoint SQL Ecommerce 
Integration w/ Magento 

Do you need to replace NCR Retail Online (NRO)
& NCR CP Online (CPO)?


CP-Commerce has all the functionality you need to integrate your items and customers from CounterPoint to Magento.   We are a one stop solution and don't rely on third party developers.

Ecommerce Features

CP-Commerce integrates all items, prices, and customer data from NCR CounterPoint.  If there aren't existing extensions to meet your needs, we can develop them inhouse.

Magento Hosting

CP-Commerce provides Magento site hosting at a very competetive price.  We have monthly hosting plans to fit any business.  Choose the hosting plan that fits best:
Starter, Basic, Plus or Pro

Implementation Plans

CP-Commerce provides a fully customized Magento site integrated to your NCR CounterPoint software.  You can choose the CP-Commerce Implementaion Option that fits the needs of your retail business.

CP-Commerce is a ONE STOP NCR CounterPoint Integration.


Magento Ecommerce provides one site for all devices.

Order Management

Inventory Control


Intelligent Reporting

Integration Solutions

NCR CounterPoint SQL Ecommerce Integration with Magento 

Are you looking for a replacement for NCR Retail Online - NRO or CounterPoint Online - CP-Online?  CP-Commerce has the perfect solution which syncs data between CounterPoint SQL and Magento Ecommerce websites.  Not only do we sync orders, items, inventory, and customers, but we also sync A/R balances, customer specific prices, and discount codes.  We’ve developed Magento customizations for local delivery calculators, customer A/R charges, and store pickup to name a few.

We have been developing and hosting thousands of websites for online registration, and ecommerce sites for 20+ years.  Our online software and solutions have processed over 150 million online transactions.  We’re very good at NCR Counterpoint SQL installation and integration, but our 15 in-house developers are experts at web and ecommerce software, as well as CounterPoint customizations.

Items, Prices, Customer, & Order data from NCR CounterPoint SQL get synced automatically to Magento Ecommerce!


Developers of Mobile POS App with Order Processing & Offline Ticket Entry App that sync your data from CounterPoint.
For Apple IOS devices.

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We have been developing customizations for NCR CounterPoint for 15 years including mobile POS, ecommerce, advanced time cards, medical billing, delivery calculators, and electonic data interchange (EDI). 

We have developed many apps not connected to NCR CounterPoint that we sell throughout the USA including university event management, hotel management, registration management, and sports league management.


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